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The VIBEUP Vision, Mission, Team, and History

Our Manifesto.

We believe a healthier world for ourselves, each other, and the Planet must be created, with effort, together. That the impossible can be proven to be possible. That a dream is a gift you give yourself, and through mindful action, they can be realized.

You can't solve any problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. So our solution is simple:
We raise consciousness.

There are people who live their lives, okay with the status quo. Then there are those who take conscious responsibility of their lives and the effects ones daily deeds have on life itself. And live this way so passionately that they are in love with living. A love that shines through everything they do. It is this ability to celebrate the smallest of details with infectious excitement that arises from a certain way of life. We are passionate, big thinkers, driven by proving solutions, through results. One deed at a time. We are the crazy ones. Changing the world around us by simplifying the complex through collaborative effort and innovation.


Our commitment to world changing strategy, architecture, and engineering is proven through our work, which exemplifies that a healthy relationship with Self, Communiay, and Nature is possible. We're living in a new era. The era of the singularity. By pairing external and internal organic technology, we will advance civilization into a new dawn in history.

We are co-creating the consciousness movement for the future, today. Together, we are the change.

Why we're here.

VIBEUP is here to help humanity evolve consciously. With an open mind, intention, conscious daily practices and the power of community, we will expand into a new way of living, harmoniously with each other and nature.

Our collective hope, healing, and consciousness is already rising. VIBEUP is here to serve as a place for it to come together. The solution lies within our daily choices. 


We are working with leading scientists, teachers, and collaborators to create a path that sparks and supports conscious evolution, by creating new systems that make the old systems obsolete. Together, we will improve the health of the Self, Community, & Planet. The change starts within each of us. And together it happens.

The VIBEUP Platform starts by offering services for Humans and Businesses, to connect and grow. Our bridges of collaborations are increasing daily, and soon projects that support causes, media, funding, and Planet will be introduced.

Join the movement. We can only do this together.


Mobile app coming soon. For now add the site to your home screen iPhone or Android

Our Mission
How it Works

How it Works.

Life can grow through us consciously, by honoring 4 ongoing stages. We've gathered resources to help along your 'hero's journey', to offer support and community. We're in this together.



Sharing a conversation that supports conscious evolution and that unites us.



We awaken through intellect, experience, and intuition - here are ways to do that. 



Growth necessitates an inward learning applied outward -  change starts within.



Daily conscious decision making to evolve a healthier union with Planet.

Embrace and repeat these steps. This is the cycle of life.

The more people, the stronger the results. This is physics. This is how we vibe-up. Together.
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A conversation for anyone to share and be a part of.

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Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.






This way, together, we will see the problems we've created with the Planet and more importantly, the solutions to create a healthier way. This is a beautiful opportunity and humanity already has the tools. It's time to raise consciousness. Some of the systems to evolve together:

Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Financial, Food, Government, Health, Technology, Water, World Peace




Our collective daily choices are literally creating the future of our Planet. We are more powerful as individuals than we collectively know, and much more powerful together. Together, with an open mind, daily practice, and community, we will ascend our consciousness and heal our planet. 



Once you know we can consciously evolve, you must take responsibility for the effects your choices have.

The more people gathering for this purpose, the healthier we all become. YOU MATTER.

What does the VIBEUP symbol represent?

The union of the 4 dimensions that make up our shared and collective experience within ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth: 

VIBEUP Symbol_black.png

Mind. Heart. Body. Soul.

VIBEUP Symbol in Fire.png
Our History.

Our History.

A summary of where we've been and where we're headed.


VIBEUP was introduced in January 2015 not as a business, but as an event to bring like-minded people to-gather, sharing a common interest in more mindful community. From the first event the idea had a momentous energy of its own and quickly grew to reach tens of thousands of people at VIBEUP festivals featuring renowned global teachers such as: Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless, Relationship expert Mark Groves of Create the Love, yoga teachers Kathryn Budig, Koya Webb, Elena Brower, Chelsey Korus, DJ Drez & MC Yogi, neuroscientist & quantum theorist Dr. Michael Cotton, and many more... all aiming to help our bodies, communities, and Planet. 

Over the years VIBEUP grew to work with hundreds of local and international teachers, local businesses, and corporate sponsors, and evolved into serving communities helping hundreds of high-rise residential & commercial property's communities. The team and Founder have now immersed in over 30 retreats and workshops around the world with leading experts in their fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology, yoga, ayurveda, meditation, anatomy, and quantum physics, seeking a deeper understanding into the union of science and spirituality. 

In the beginning of 2020, as VIBEUP was set to expand into 3 major U.S. markets, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented offline events, and the model was offered a chance to pivot towards global influence by transforming into a digital platform to spark it's high-vibe change to those seeking it. The once innocently driven lifestyle brand has now evolved itself into a cause driven by Source, positioned to spark a global shift in consciousness, by utilizing tools and the power of community to literally increase the resonant frequency of our collective human reality.



The responsibility to consciously evolve our future into a healthier one starts and ends with the choices each of us are making today.


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