Making a Difference, Together

We’ve all talked about it in the business world, in the nonprofit world, and in the financial world. But when it comes to behaviors and humanness, a difference in scale when you’re talking about turning off lights can mean the difference between a dark room and mitigating global climate catastrophe. The right choice matters, and some would argue even more now than at any point in our history.

It’s frustrating to sometimes feel like you’re not making a difference when you make the healthy, environmentally responsible, “right” choices. An overarching aura of the choice not actually mattering can find its way into the everyday, eventually disheartening any do-gooder’s positive intentions.

Don’t lose hope, and stay true to your positive intentions. Trust and know that they do make a difference. Just because the action might feel small, we believe the ripple effects are big, and the more people who actually walk the walk, the better. And, in this case, the bigger the better. Scale matters.

This is what’s special about community, and we all feel it. Doing yoga a few times a week at home alone is beautiful in its own way, and creates a positivity that follows us on our daily path, and cumulatively throughout a lifetime. Yet, small scale, right?

Now, take that same practice and apply it to a community setting, like a yoga class. Everyone practicing together, feeling and echoing the collective energy. Bigger scale, right? What about when a group the size of a small town practices together, sets intention together, gets centered and feels awakened together? The positivity reverberates and reaches even further, creating lasting memories and impressions that can transcend into real, global, momentous change.

With positive behaviors, the more collective the action, the more the impact is amplified.

One of the special things about VibeUP is the community it brings, the scale it offers. Thank you for being part of our positive intentions, and thank you for contributing yours. Together, we know we are making a difference.

-Madelin Petz, VibeUP Editor

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