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It’s easy to come up with #resolutions in the #newyear.

Most people at least think about doing it, some even make it a prescription as part of a new annual life. Yet, thinking up ideas and actually seeing them through are two completely different accomplishments. You need a pen and paper to sketch an airplane, but a whole lot more comes into play when you try to make a real one; and then there’s the flying part.

We have some suggestions for taking those ideas to the next level and encouraging success in your goals for 2018.

Start by thinking #outsidethebox. Jumping into common health themes like diet, exercise and sleep is great, but why not strive for something more exciting and unconventional to maintain your interest and really catalyze something new?

Notions like spending an extra 10 minutes outside each day can lead to all sorts of benefits, and even this small amount adds up to over 2.5 full days outside over the course of a year. That's a lot of fresh air. You’re likely to have a new experience every time to step outside for that 10 minute hiatus, and the risk for burnout is low.

If you’re dead set on losing those 15 extra pounds or renewing your gym membership and sticking to it, we have some suggestions for those conventional types of goals as well: share them. Share your goals with three people in your inner circle - this will help to keep you accountable.

Share in the healthful #lifestyle as well, and keep it fun! Don’t alienate yourself at the party, or worse yet miss out because your schedule says you must clock in at the gym. Rather, commune and gather with others who have similar goals and are on the like-minded path - it just might be the extra support you need to turn a goal into a reality.

Join VibeUP with Chelsey and Mike at the Rejuvenation Fest for a Yoga & Fitness Social & AleFest on Jan20. You’ll feel right at home and we promise to support your path to a high-vibe life in 2018.

-Madelin Petz, VibeUP Editor

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