Screening Your Time. Monitoring Your Vibes.

How much time do you think you spend looking at a screen during the course of the day? What if we told you that a 2016 study from Neilsen Company shows that US adults devoted over 10.5 hours each day to ‘consuming media’, including using tablets, phones, computers, multimedia devices, video games, and televisions. Seem crazy?

Research has also shown an association between screen time and depression, and a direct connection has been proven between the spikes in technology adoption over the last couple decades and subsequent increases in obesity rates.

Doesn’t this sort of information make you wonder about all the things we aren’t seeing while we’re watching screens all day? All of the experiences we’re missing out on, the lost opportunities and missed interactions. Physical and mental imbalances and disconnects, sedentary and active aspects of our lives.

Not that the subject matter we’re viewing is irrelevant, or that it’s not important to check in with your cousin in California. But maybe, just maybe, all these indicators are telling us that we’ve taken things a bit too far. Some investigators are using the word ‘addiction’, some ‘dependency’. Terms like these suggest that maybe our bodies, our hearts, and our minds need breaks from the constant viewing and searching.

Maybe we need more time for observing, for our environments, for our literal neighbors. 

So, as you read this, think about what meaning each of your technical interfaces provides. What we urge is mindfulness in your practices. Be intentional with your choice to watch that movie and be conscious when you pick up your phone to check a feed. 

What is the purpose of YOUR screen time?

Something to contemplate as you start the week and strive to Vibe High.

-Madelin Petz, VibeUP Editor

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