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THOUGHTS | Past. VIBEUP, a brief share on it's path and founder.

I started as an entrepreneur in 1998 at 16 years old, organically, when a few friends learned a few a cappella songs and sang on the street corner with our hat out and made enough money to pay for our lunch. I transitioned into the management role for the group, and 7 years later we had toured over 35 states, signed with agency, management, and record company representation, on our way to international tours and deals with the industries largest distribution companies. The dream came to a sudden halt when we wouldn't sign a contact with an international record label, that would have given up our artistic freedoms and ownership of our songs and business.

However difficult at the time, this experience taught me that dreams do come true. And I took this realization forward, from a base in Manhattan to Chicago, towards helping myself and hundreds of others create new dreams, in the following industries:

Music, fashion, modeling, nightlife, hospitality, e-commerce, philanthropy, & health & wellness.

Now 20+ years later, with a mix of unique skills, gifts, and an international network of contacts in all of these industries… I remember why I was born and came back to this time and place: to help people and the planet realize and be our potential, and create one unified dream together as free, responsible, grateful beings.

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-Luke Jensen

VIBEUP Founder

"We are evolution waking up to itself as evolution."